Hazel George Events & Design


Samantha Jones

At my core, I'm a hopeless romantic and swoon over love stories. I adore fresh blooms, snail mail and cute office supplies. I believe forehead kisses are underrated and a good cup of coffee can change your mood instantly. 

After growing up at stadiums across the nation and working in the sports industry for eight years as a public relations and hospitality professional, Hazel George Events was created to serve couples well as they plan to start their forever together. The work of Hazel George is about so much more than just planning detailed logistics and creating beautiful designs, although I strive to do both of these things well for my clients. It’s about celebrating the pure joy of two individuals who vow to put each other before themselves, through the ups and the downs, the mountaintop views and the valley sorrows. I never take for granted the ability to be a part of such special days.


Some may ask, why Hazel George? 

I’m a believer of past generations impacting future generations. Hazel is my grandmother’s name, while George is my grandfather’s name. Hazel and George loved each other for over five decades and while neither of them is present on this earth anymore, their love is still evident daily. This is what I want to pass on to my clients. Love and lots of it. Love that spans generations. 

When I’m not in the Hazel George studio, you can find me at sporting events (hockey games are my happy place!), searching Anthropologie and Home Goods for the perfect one of a kind piece, reading a good book in a local coffee shop or relaxing with family and friends. My Spotify account has playlists ranging from good ole country music to pop hits and classic rock to old school jams. 

While providing hugs and help along the journey, I will create a meaningful celebration that lasts generations and showcases the magical details, so you can enjoy every moment of your engagement. 


We Believe

The heart of Hazel George Events is to help people create a meaningful life and remarkable legacy, while showcasing the magical details and unfailing love. 

While I strive to create a romantic, one-of-a-kind event that showcases who you are individually and as a couple, I truly believe your marriage should be more breathtaking than your wedding. Marriage is a beautiful, selfless union between two individuals and your special day should showcase the beginning of a life full of special memories and moments that will leave a mark on this world. 

Here at Hazel George, I believe in heartfelt handwritten notes. That life is too short to not enjoy the little things. That giving is more than receiving. That love spans generations and can change the world. That Sunday mornings are best spent worshipping the Lord. That magic is in the details. That manners and monograms are a must. And most importantly, that love never fails.